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B.J. Bishop Wetlands

Bird Santuary


B.J. Bishop Wetlands

The B.J. Bishop Wetlands at Loma Paloma is a man-made wetland in Presidio County that is open to the public and located directly across the street from Loma Paloma RV Park. The wetland is fed by treated water released from the sewage treatment facility for Presidio located on the opposite side of the road.

Recent visitors have seen 27 different species of birds, including  Snow Goose, Wood Duck, Ferruginous Hawk, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, and singing (western) Marsh Wrens.


If you are working on a Century Club list for Presidio County, this is certainly a place that can’t be missed. It is the only publically accessible wetland in the county. Parking is located on the northeast corner of the wetlands and access is on a maintained gravel road 0.3 miles farther east across from the Loma Paloma RV Park. Please park in the designated area and walk around the wetland on the road that encircles the site.